Spreadable cookies are great, but what about when you want to spread cheesecake on perfectly innocent baked goods? That’s where Philadelphia Indulgence comes in; it’s flavored cream cheese, available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. The milk chocolate flavor tastes “exactly like very sweet chocolate cheesecake,” says gembellina, who spread it on a toasted bagel. It’s a little weird, though. “[I] think I’ll be sticking to Nutella,” gembellina says.

Greek Chefs Daughter sampled the dark chocolate flavor and thought it tasted very good. “I tried it with buttery crackers and plain bagels,” she says. “Flavor was very rich.” Meanwhile, jorjagirl tried it with fresh fruit. “I filled strawberries with the dark chocolate flavor, then dipped the berries in white chocolate – very tasty!” jorjagirl says.

RealMenJulienne makes a more philosophical point: “I swear that modern American society will not rest until we’ve explored every possible permutation of something-flavored-something.”

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