Oakland’s Firebrand Artisan Breads, a brick-oven bakery with limited distribution in the Bay Area, sells a sourdough loaf that impressed TopoTail. Made of unbleached wheat, whole wheat, and rye flours, the sourdough is “one of the best loaves of bread I have ever tasted,” TopoTail says. “Really crispy crust, moist and chewy inside, packed with flavor.”

Lucky Ruth Lafler happened upon Firebrand bread more than two years ago at a restaurant. She bemoans the very limited distribution so far, but agrees that the bread is delicious.

Firebrand’s website notes that its breads are sold at Bi-Rite Market and Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. (Bi-Rite even filmed an interview with the Firebrand baker describing his technique, which you can check out here.)

You can also find Firebrand baked goods at Sightglass Coffee and Fifth Floor in San Francisco, as well as at Oakland’s Disco Volante.

Bi-Rite Market [Mission District]
3639 18th Street, San Francisco

Rainbow Grocery [Mission District]
1745 Folsom Street, San Francisco

Sightglass Coffee [SOMA]
270 Seventh Street, San Francisco

Fifth Floor [SOMA]
12 Fourth Street, San Francisco

Disco Volante [East Bay]
347 14th Street, Oakland

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