Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"When using buttermilk, I find that a single dredging (and a very light one at that, thoroughly shaking off any excess buttermilk before dredging in flour, and again shaking any excess flour off) reliably tastes better than double-dipping. Too thick a crust using buttermilk tends to be unpleasantly stiff for my tastes and is also quick to burn. A single light dredging makes the skin itself crisp up and produces much nicer results." – cowboyardee on making fried chicken

"The butter on the bottom of the pan before lining it with parchment is so the parchment stays in place while buttering the top of the parchment and pan sides. For round pans, especially springform, just the bottom is lined. If the entire pan is to be lined - bottom and sides - the recipe will usually say that. When I cut parchment to fit the bottom, it ends up pretty exact or even a bit larger. Batter seeping under the paper never happens, especially with butter under the parchment." – janniecooks on preparing cake pans for baking

"This only works with fresh, home-grown or farmers market tomatoes, but it's my summer favorite. A good whole wheat bread, mayo on one slice, honey mustard on the other, thick slices of juicy tomato, a slice of good cheddar (or muenster or provolone), lettuce of whatever sort is in the fridge, maybe a little salt on the tomato." – berkleygary on favorite personal sandwich creations

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