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"Years ago I went to school for flavor evaluation and analysis as part of my profession. What we learned was that we may consciously lose our memory of a particular taste or aroma, but subconsciously we never do. All that is needed is perhaps an odor, say, of a musty cellar from your grandparents cellar, combined with the smell of a pot roast on the stove. Or the smell of my Italian grandmother's restaurant kitchen with the rosemary chicken and potatoes in the oven while floors were being mopped with Spic & Span. Sounds crazy but..... This will bring it rushing back to you. Our olfactory senses play a large role in our taste memories. I have tried for years to recapture those classic flavors, and aromas (not so much the must or cleaning fluids)." – teflontom

"In my kitchen I won't touch a steak before [it's] 10 minutes off-the-grill - longer if it's extra-thick. I don't really order steak when I go out to eat, so I'm probably naive to think that the kitchen would factor this in when firing the food for a particular table. Frankly, I'm a little horrified that you would take a steak off the grill and put it onto a serving plate with the sides before it's rested." – SpareRib on "resting" steaks after cooking

"I love fresh parsley. I wash it, air dry it and store it in paper towels in a plastic bag in the frig. I use some of it and either out of laziness or forgetfulness, it languishes in there, and I have to throw the rest out. This week I decided to try something new. I washed it, dried on paper towels and stored it like flowers in a pitcher of water on the counter. I had thoughts of setting it on the shelf of the frig, but thought it might get knocked over. I change the water every day and it's been there for four days now and looks as fresh as the first day. I've used it every day for cooking or garnish and it looks like it's going to last long enough for me to use it up. It looks pretty on the counter, reminds me that it's there, and it's easy to cut a sprig or bunch." – noodlepoodle

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