At 99 Ranch and other Asian markets around town you can choose live fish and the butchers will deep fry them for you. Rex sole, black pomfret, and tilapia are all great for frying, elmomonster says, but whatever’s on sale is always a good option. You can use the fried fish for anything from stews, to seafood hotpot, or even for fish tacos, but elmomonster just serves it over steamed rice and a stir-fry of green vegetables, with some homemade nuoc cham.

One of the Filipino markets on Vermont Avenue fries whole tilapia at the bargain price of $1 a lb., and serves it with chile-spiked vinegar, says monkey

You’re not limited to just choosing whitefish either, meatier fish like salmon cut into steaks and deep fried work great too, says mabziegurl.

99 Ranch [Citywide]

Unknown Filipino market on Vermont Ave. [East Hollywood]

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