At the deli counter in the Stop and Shop in Glendale, Queens, they’re not big on portion control–which means more lobster for us. Order a $4.99 lobster roll and the staff will often shovel in a staggering amount of lobster salad ($20-plus per pound when sold separately). “They just fill it up until it looks right,” says BigGuy, who’s not complaining. “I think I’m usually getting about a half-pound of lobster. This is a helluva meal.” It’s decent stuff, too: mayo-moistened lobster meat in big chunks, not chopped into mush.

It certainly is a bargain, agrees gravitch. His serving included something like three full claw pieces. A bit more mayo than he would prefer, though.

Stop and Shop Supermarket [Glendale]
8989 Union Tpke., between Woodhaven Blvd. and Margaret Pl., Glendale, Queens

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