If pizza for breakfast is wrong, many hounds don’t want to be right. ernie in berkeley started a thread on breakfast pizzas: egg-topped pies served for breakfast or brunch, usually by establishments that already have pizza on the menu. The Bonjour Bella, a cheese pie with an egg served by Nizza la Bella, is one of his favorites. At $8.50, he says that it’s just the right size and price for one person.

ernie in berkeley also says the $15 sausage, mozzarella, and egg pie at Zut! is big enough to serve two or provide another meal later on. escargot3 has enjoyed Oliveto‘s wood-oven breakfast pizza for years, and mentions that the macchiato is also terrific. Windy points out that many great pizzerias allow eggs as an additional topping, and that the tarte flambèe with cheese, caramelized onions, and ham at Noeteca has no egg but is a great breakfast option.

Plus, Windy wonders, aren’t leftovers the best “breakfast pizza” anyhow? “The best pizza in the morning is the one you don’t have to leave the house for,” she says.

Nizza la Bella [East Bay]
825 San Pablo Avenue, Albany

Zut! [East Bay]
1820 Fourth Street, Berkeley

Oliveto [East Bay]
5655 College Avenue, Oakland

Noeteca [Noe Valley]
1551 Dolores Street, San Francisco

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