Kanpai Sushi has a few tricks up its sleeves. As a sushi joint, it’s “pretty solid, a bit overpriced, but a good place to have around,” EricDC says. But if you scour the menu, you’ll discover that it also serves ramen after 10 p.m. And more notably, it serves a novel dish: gravy ramen, the creation of sushi chef Kazu-san.

Perceptor was one of the first customers to try it when he showed up the first night that Kanpai put it on the menu a few weeks ago. Perceptor says it’s great, like tsukemen, or noodles with a heavy dipping sauce. This oddball dish at Kanpai is made of noodles covered with a gravy even thicker than the usual Japanese curry that’s made from a mostly veggie stock cut with some pork bone for flavor.

It’s a pleasant change of pace from the usual soupy ramen, Perceptor says.

Kanpai Sushi [Westside – Beaches]
8325 Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles

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