Even the most punishing commute through Grand Central can be improved by the right doughnut. parkslopemama recommends the big boys from Flex Donuts, a pop-up shop at Zócalo, a Mexican eatery in the terminal’s downstairs dining concourse. The pumpkin spice and cajeta (goat’s milk caramel) flavors transported her to another plane: “Oh dear God. The best. donuts. ever. I’m in love.”

Flex Donuts is the project of Zac Young, a Top Chef Just Desserts vet and the pastry chef at Flex Mussels, a sister restaurant to Zócalo. Open only on weekdays after noon, it specializes in cake doughnuts and soft, dense crullers in eclectic, ever-changing flavors—raspberry, spiced chocolate, red velvet, mulled cider, and pecan pie among them. No word yet from hounds on most of these, or on a potential meaty masterpiece made with bacon, maple, and bourbon. Pork—it’s what’s for dessert.

Flex Donuts at Zócalo [Grand Central]
Grand Central Terminal lower-level dining concourse, Manhattan

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