While most mooncakes are mass produced and packaged for international distribution, Taiwan Gourmet Deli’s are hand-made daily with freshly ground ingredients including dates, green beans, and red beans. They’re made with just the right amount of lard, and very few preservatives, ipsedixit says. Taiwan Gourmet Deli’s specialty are green pong moon cakes, white with a flakey crust.

Diamond Bakery in San Gabriel and Queen’s bakery in Chinatown both are both worthy mooncake makers with a large variety of flavor options. There are so many different fillings it’s hard to choose. Red bean, date/walnut, and mixed nut with ham are current favorites, says jenn. For the freshest mooncakes get them before October 6th, the official start of the Moon Festival.

Family Pastry’s sells a large variety of fresh moon cakes, says monku, who considers their plump, pork-filled, baked charsu bao the best around.

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