Though mels has always been a fan of cooked broccoli, this garlicky sesame-cured broccoli salad “has changed my thoughts on raw vegetables,” she says. It is made from raw broccoli marinated in a flavorful dressing of vinegar and warm olive oil, and the vinegar’s acid “essentially ‘cooks’ the broccoli, much like ceviche, softening it and turning it a brilliant green color,” mels says. It’s a dish that keeps well, too. “Every day it sits in the fridge it gets a little sharper and tangier,” mels says.

Other hounds are also fans of this technique. “It’s cool how the broccoli gets so green and cheerful looking,” coll says, and sr44 notes that the salad is “especially good for potlucks or buffets” because it doesn’t get soggy as it sits. While hounds love the recipe’s combination of garlic, cumin, and sesame oil, the possible variations on seasoning are “endless,” mels says. It works well with a reduced amount of oil, too, waver says.

Discuss: A raw broccoli dish has changed my life. Broccoli ceviche, if you will.

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