Here at Chowhound, we often focus on the tastes, aromas, and textures of foods. But what about the other crucial aspects of the eating experience—namely, feeling satiated and full? That’s what chrissy1988 was curious about when she recently asked the board: “What do you eat to shave off some calories and avoid being ravenous all day?”

sherrib recommends veggies, veggies, and more veggies. “Souped, stir fried, roasted, smoothied – the possibilities are, indeed, endless,” she says. “Add some herbs and or spices/seasonings, you can spend a lifetime trying all the different possibilities. And I am. Ravenously.” scunge agrees, and recommends roasted root vegetables like beets and rutabaga.

“Hot drinks, such as green tea, have no calories and make you feel full for a while,” Isolda says. “Miso soup is another low calorie (if not low sodium) way to make yourself feel fuller than you are.”

BeeZee likes to fill up on a room-temperature salad of lentils du puy (uniquely flavorful French green lentils) and vinegar. They have a firmer texture than regular lentils and have a nice “chew,” BeeZee says. Chewy things can be extra satisfying, and betsydiver likes eating mushrooms cut up and dehydrated in the oven because they have a nice texture.

On a related note, PenskeFan has a final tip on achieving satiety: Chew more. A lot more. This helps you enjoy your food, whatever you decide to eat. “It helps you feel full, plus I think you get more air stuck in the belly to make you feel full,” PenskeFan says. “I am not sure, I just know it works for me.”

Discuss: food you eat to get full without consuming too many calories?

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