Kam Man Food, a popular Asian supermarket in Quincy, opened a second branch in Boston’s South Bay Center this week in the space that previously housed Super 88. Several Boston hounds have already paid it a visit, and are comparing it to the Quincy location and other area markets.

theparegorickid says the produce and meat sections look about the same as they did in Super 88, and are less impressive than what’s available at Kam Man Food’s Quincy location. grant.cook also says the produce is a weak point, at least compared to H Mart in Burlington.

Reports on the fish counter are more positive. theparegorickid says it looks “brand new and sizeable,” and dotfoodie spotted nice-looking fresh cod for $4.99 per pound. dotfoodie also noticed great prices on packaged ingredients, like butter and rice, but ix9 thinks prices for Asian products are higher than in Quincy or Chinatown.

Hounds also note that the market has several Caribbean products. theparegorickid spotted Aunt May’s yellow pepper sauce from Barbados, as well as Matouk’s hot sauce from Trinidad and Tobago.

grant.cook says that products are well labeled in both English and Chinese, and dotfoodie felt the staff members had a good knowledge of the products and were able to answer questions. As for the food court that is scheduled to open in the Kam Man building, dotfoodie says it may be several months before anything materializes.

Kam Man Food [Dorchester]
101 Allstate Road, Boston

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