“There are more jerky varieties at Cowboy Dan’s Jerky Emporium than I ever knew existed,” Kris P Pata recently observed.

The establishment has an incredible website catalog, but we Angelenos can go to the tiny and astonishingly well-stocked retail store in Los Alamitos. The storefront stocks everything from alligator to yak jerky, in mild to spicy versions. They even have gluten-free offerings.

The Sam Elliott–channeling dude in western gear is Cowboy Dan himself, Kris says. “The man clearly knows his dried meats and wonder-eyed first timers (such as myself) are enthusiastically offered a tour of the numerous brands, styles and varieties in stock — all personally selected by Cowboy Dan himself,” Kris says. “It’s definitely an experience. So much so that checking out felt like a trip to the museum store.”

Cowboy Dan’s Jerky Emporium [Orange County]
4218 Katella Avenue, Los Alamitos

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