Chowhound veteran Jerome recently took one for the team and tried The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch, the restaurant run by Cal Poly Pomona’s Collins College of Hospitality Management. The verdict: “Pretty great,” Jerome says.

Jerome’s $12 lunch of buttery sand dabs came with amandine green beans and enough capers to keep him happy. The surprisingly large portion of wild mushroom ravioli was $11.

You can also get a side of their “prize-winning chili,” which has a nice story behind it. As the tale is told, once a year, the first-year students hold a chili cookoff during one of their classes, and as the prize, the winner’s recipe is featured on the next year’s menu. “I liked the idea – I also liked the chili,” Jerome says.

The building is beautiful, and the décor is modern, with views overlooking the canyon. “Surprised how good it was, how pleasant the room [was], and if I were in the area, [I] would definitely go back,” Jerome says. “Certainly worth a stop if it fits into a trip, say the drive to Vegas or Palm Springs or Joshua Tree or some such.”

They also serve Dr. Bob’s HandCrafted IceCreams as a tribute of sorts, youngc explains. Dr. Bob, you see, was actually the founding dean of the Collins College of Hospitality, and created the ice cream while working as a server there.

The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch [Inland Empire]
3801 W. Temple Avenue, Building 79, Pomona

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