Now’s the time to drink your suds. SF Beer Week, with its beer-themed food and drink events held all over the San Francisco Bay Area, runs February 10 through 19. It offers several limited-time-only products—such as Dynamo Donuts made with Almanac Winter Wit—as well as pairing events at area restaurants.

Brew-lover lessleyellen (a.k.a. CHOW Senior Content Manager Lessley Anderson) recently posted a beer twofer: a review of Southern Pacific Brewing, the Mission’s new biergarten (where she recommended the blue cheese burger with pickled red onion), and a rundown of the Beer Week events that should be of interest to hounds. At the top of her list are the Dark Horse Inn‘s Magnolia beer and New Orleans–inspired dinner, and Bar Tartine‘s soul food and brew event. chuckl suggests the “Sau & Brau” urban pig roast at Drake’s Barrel House in San Leandro, where you’ll find 24 Drake’s beers served alongside two whole roasted pigs.

This time of year, it’s an embarrassment of riches. Beer Week coincides with the annual release of Pliny the Younger, Russian River Brewing Company‘s cult brew, which inspires obsessive behavior by its admirers, who trek to the handful of authorized outlets and despair when the taps run dry. j mather reported that Barclays in Oakland will soon serve Pliny the Younger, and a representative from the bar wrote in to say that when it’s available, he’ll try to give 12 hours’ notice through the San Francisco Bay Area Chowhound board.

Southern Pacific Brewing [Mission District]
620 Treat Avenue, San Francisco

The Dark Horse Inn [Crocker-Amazon]
942 Geneva Avenue, San Francisco

Bar Tartine [Mission District]
561 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Drake’s Barrel House [East Bay]
1933 Davis Street, San Leandro

Barclays [East Bay]
5940 College Avenue, Oakland

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