khelvan adored the fresh Medjool dates at Sacramento’s Corti Brothers; the fruit was moist and soft, quite different from the hard, sticky dates sold by other purveyors. Grocers have told khelvan that the difference in texture has to do with the way that the dates are processed—most are dried in order to increase shelf life, but this results in a chewiness that khelvan doesn’t like. Now an SF resident, khelvan wants to know where he can find “non-processed” dates similar to the ones he had at Corti Brothers.

wally likes the dates grown at the Coachella Valley’s Flying Disc Ranch, which are sold at several area farmers’ markets. wally also points out that the texture change to the fruit has to do with when it was originally picked. Dates naturally get hard and sticky as time passes, so end-of-season dates will have the texture that khelvan dislikes.

Hounds also suggested buying dates from an unnamed vendor who can be found at Heart of the City Farmers’ Market at the Civic Center and the Alemany Farmers’ MarketSpenbald recommends the vendor’s “variety of amazing dates,” while Windy says the prices are great.

Heart of the City Farmers’ Market [Civic Center]
1 United Nations Plaza, San Francisco

Alemany Farmers’ Market [Bernal Heights]
100 Alemany Boulevard, San Francisco
No phone available

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