tcamp wants to know: How can you eat something as cute and fluffy as a rabbit?

Some hounds have a ready answer. “I eat them with a knife and fork and a glass of wine,” responds caseyjo. “If I’ve made a tender stew, I really only need a fork (and the wine!).”

Rabbits are one of the few animals commonly kept as pets in the United States that are also commonly eaten, and some people are squeamish about cooking them. Others, however, love rabbit meat for its flavor and versatility. Will Owen frequently ate it growing up, and still enjoys it. “Mom usually did a flour-dredge, browned milk braise – her standard recipe for small game – which is delicious and makes its own gravy, or else she’d make häsenpfeffer, and that’s good too,” he says.

SAHCook‘s family raised rabbits for food, and has found the cognitive dissonance easy to overcome. “The adults were our pets, the babies ended up our dinner,” SAHCook says. “Just not when they were cute, cuddly little things. When they grow out of the baby stage, they get longer and leaner, and not so cute anymore. I never felt bad about eating those!”

Discuss: Forget dogs, how can you *eat* rabbits?

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