Asian Gourmet in Concord has a new menu, thanks to a new chef and owner. Chef Lee took over the reins several months ago, and hounds are reporting that the food is great. The new menu reads similarly to those at the chef’s former restaurants, JoJo Tai Pei and Formosa Taipei.

Fried items are consistently great. On a recent visit, teezeetoo tried the bone-in salt and pepper chicken, the best version she’s ever had. “The chicken was crisp, spicy, and not at all greasy,” teezeetoo says. Meanwhile, as part of a special Chinese New Year menu, tatsu tried some salt and pepper–style pork chops, which were a big hit.

makonna tried the noodles in Peking sauce with minced pork, as well as the steamed mini juicy pork buns, and thought both were “very tasty.” lipoff notes that the pork buns are Asian Gourmet’s version of Shanghainese soup dumplings, which are also very popular in Taiwan. hargau also gave the pork buns a positive review, and thought the pan-fried daikon cakes were excellent as well. The house special rice cakes (thinly sliced, chewy rice noodles cooked with shrimp, chicken, pork, and vegetables) were also delicious.

The Chinese New Year menu that tatsu sampled was a true feast, with several items not listed on the regular menu. Besides the pork chops, tatsu loved the orange shrimp, which were “shell-on good sized prawns, battered and with an orange glaze.” He also liked the three desserts that were included in the special meal, especially a dish of sautéed rice cakes with a banana filling. “It had the smell and crispy exterior of a banana stuffed flapjack, but that soft unmistakable mochi texture inside,” tatsu says.

The menu tatsu tried is no longer available, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for future specials like these.

Asian Gourmet [MetroWest]
794 Elm Street, Concord

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