classy Jello shots for grown-ups
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In honor of Mardi Gras, Chowhound turned three classic New Orleans cocktails into elegant jelly shots—which is generally the non-branded term used to denote fancier Jell-O shots. And these certainly are elegant, but they’re also still plenty potent. They look especially pretty because instead of the traditional paper or plastic cups, they’re made in baking pans and cut into cubes to reveal the layering. And they’re balanced and not too sweet, just the way a proper cocktail should be mixed.

If you still prefer your jelly shots (or Jello shots) quick and trashy, allow native New Orleanian Poppy Tooker to show you how they’re done:

But for those who believe frat party-style Jell-O shots are best left behind them, keep scrolling.

And for the curious—or cautious—we’ve also calculated how many jelly shots it would take to equal the alcohol in one cocktail…so you can plan (and consume) accordingly! These are just the thing for a Mardi Gras party, whether you serve them as an alternative to traditional drinks or a boozy Mardi Gras dessert (and unlike bananas Foster, no open flames are involved!), but be sure to keep them out of reach of kids.

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Hurricane Jelly Shots

6 jelly shots = 1 Hurricane Cocktail

hurricane jello shot


Dark rum and high-quality maraschino cherries star in these little beauties, which also benefit from grenadine and passion fruit juice. Get our Hurricane Jelly Shots recipe.

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Ramos Gin Fizz Jelly Shots

8 to 9 jelly shots = 1 Ramos Gin Fizz Cocktail

Ramos Gin Fizz jello shot


A base of whipped cream, citrus juices, gelatin, and gin is gilded with a top layer bright with orange blossom water, orange zest, and club soda. Couldn’t hurt to add a little gold leaf if you’re feeling extra-fancy. Get our Ramos Gin Fizz Jelly Shots recipe.

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Sazerac Jelly Shots

5 jelly shots = 1 Sazerac Cocktail

Sazerac jello shot


This rye- and lemon-infused jelly shot is brushed with bitters and absinthe and sprinkled with lemon sugar for a little sparkle. Get our Sazerac Jelly Shots recipe.

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Let the good times roll—and check out all of our Mardi Gras recipes to help them along.

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