Some hounds can’t wait to dive into the dregs of last night’s takeout meal straight from the carton, standing in front of the fridge. But others don’t want another meal of goulash, or can’t can’t quite imagine what they might do with a half cup of massaman curry or a lonely carton of plain rice. Hounds piccola and Adrienne have perfected the art of using up every tidbit of takeout, maximizing their investments in deliciousness.

Here are some great ways to use up takeout, beyond reheating:

Plain rice: make congee or fried rice (you can use other leftover meats or veggies in either, if the flavors will work).

Rice or pasta/noodle dishes: use as the base of a frittata (add eggs and cheese or whatever else you like).

Curries, patties, meats: use to top salads or fill sandwiches, slicing or chopping meat as necessary.

Tofu and/or grains can be made into veggie burgers or patties and sauteed, with the addition of a binder.

Finely chopped leftovers of all kinds make great omelette fillings.

Most leftovers can become the basis for or an ingredient in a soup; Adrienne even admits she occasionally rinses the sauce off leftovers so she can start fresh and flavor the soup however she wants!

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