Despite many good South Asian restaurants in the Bay Area, it looks like a gap exists when it comes to Bengali food. When kermit asked for a South Bay recommendation recently, hounds were at a loss.

According to adrienne156, Bengali Sweets, which has branches in both Fremont and Sunnyvale, isn’t the real deal. She visited the Fremont branch, which is “not Bengali owned nor does it have any actual Bengali dishes on the menu.” The macher jhol, cooked with curry leaves, was “completely inauthentic,” she says.

psb notes that New Bangla Bazar is “neither a bazar nor bangla” but does offer pretty good chaat as well as “cheap and decent” samosas.

Bengali Sweets [East Bay]
5029 Mowry Avenue, Fremont

Bengali Sweets [South Bay]
783 El Camino Real, Sunnyvale

New Bangla Bazar [South Bay]
924 E. Fremont Avenue, Sunnyvale

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