Expert chow hunter hhc filed several excellent reports recently, including her take on two pizza places in Alameda and San Jose.

East End Pizza in Alameda bakes naturally leavened pies in a wood-burning oven in the Alameda Marketplace. hhc especially liked the Diabilita: red sauce topped with Calabrian peppers, goat cheese, house-blended cheese, and lots of shaved raw garlic. As a garlic-lover, hhc adored it, and notes that at 14 inches in diameter, the pie is huge.

Neapolitan-style Pizza Bocca Lupo in San Jose reminded hhc of Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco, with its centerpiece Italian-built wood-fired oven. Whole pizzas here are 12 inches; individual slices aren’t available. While the Diavola was advertised as a spicy pie, hhc didn’t notice much kick to it, but liked it better than the just-OK Bianca pizza. She looks forward to trying the special pies here, and was surprised that the good eats available at Pizza Bocca Lupo haven’t resulted in a longer line.

East End Pizza Co. [East Bay]
1650 Park Street, Alameda

Pizza Bocca Lupo [South Bay]
87 N. San Pedro Street, San Jose

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