Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"I know many have not missed the closing of the old Alameda standby, Acapulco. But I've got very fond memories of the dank interior, canned chili sauce and gelatinous (but humungous) entrees. ... Mike (owner of Paradise Grill and Best Burger in San Leandro and Paradiso at Willow Park in Castro Valley) has purchased Acapulco and is revamping the interior and the food. He's purchased the recipes, but says that, while he'll use them as a basis, he plans to include homemade sauces." – Cecelia

"A new addition to my list of regular favorites and maybe to yours. Tastiest, freshest panchan I've had. Included japchae and seaweed. Given the variety and quantity, it could have been a meal in itself." – elise h on Dae Jang Geum in Daly City

"My two favorite chocolate cakes are the Chocolate Fedora at Stella Pastry (if deeply chocolate AND light are possible, this is it) and the Chocolate Mocha cake (an American-style cake with gorgeous mocha frosting) from Prolific Oven." – rubadubgdub

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