fame da lupo adores cured meats like salumi and embutido—all delicious pork products. Here’s the problem: fame da lupo is married to a non-pork-eater!

This has created a food-shopping dilemma for fame da lupo because it’s hard to find great sausage or cured meat that isn’t made with pork. “I don’t consider the chicken/turkey sausages to be particularly good, though they come through in a pinch,” fame da lupo says. “Beef sausage is too lean, doesn’t have that unctuous fatty quality pork sausage does, and thus comes across a bit heavy-handed (I’m thinking the beef kielbasas and the like).”

But hounds have some nonswine workarounds. Kooper says the Italian cured beef known as bresaola is amazing, and Kooper has even enjoyed versions of bresaola made from duck and salmon.

Elk and venison sausages are delicious, adds LauraGace—they’re spicy, gamy (in a good way), and peppery. But be aware that pork fat is commonly added to deer and elk sausage, julesrules says, so be sure to check the contents before feeding it to a friend who doesn’t partake in pork.

Finally, the North African lamb-based merguez is becoming more widely available in the United States. LauraGrace has even found it at Whole Foods.

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