Overheard on the Boston Board

"Emma's sandwiches run from $6-9 and are huge. The chicken sandwich and BLT are particularly tasty. I only order these when I have someone to split the sandwich with since they don't reheat well." – smtucker on Emma's, a pizza place in Kendall Square

"If you don't like what they have on offer at the restaurant, you can go next door to the fish market and buy whatever you want and bring it back and they'll cook it for you." – GretchenS on Courthouse Seafood Restaurant and Fish Market in East Cambridge

"I thought the three-mushroom soup was very good, nice and savory, and woodsy. My hubby thought it was a bit too salty, which is odd because I'm usually the one who is oversensitive to salt, and he doesn't usually care. His warm chicory salad with duck confit, cranberry, pecans, and marcona almonds was really good, and [they gave him] a generous portion." – Chris VR on a recent meal at Bravo in the Museum of Fine Arts

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