Heavenly Hummus

Looking for high-quality batches of wholesome hummus?

Nyala’s unusual hummus, with a hint of cumin that sets it apart from the rest, arrives as an amuse-guele at the start of every meal.

The Newsroom Cafe’s hummus is served as an appetizer with a healthy portion of grilled vegetables and yummy flatbread.

Although short on ambience, Skaf’s might be the best hummus in LA, and ambiance doesn’t make hummus taste any different, says Das Ubergeek. Alcazar ranks a close second.

The sprouts vendor at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market makes very good hummus.

Mom’s Products sells hummus, pita, chips, and other mezze in various farmer’s markets all over town. Their roasted garlic hummus is particularly great.

Instead of choosing ordinary pita to go with your take-home hummus, bernardo urges a visit to the organic fresh bakery at Wholesome Choice market, which continuously rolls out an irresistible assortment of hot-from-the-oven flatbreads. Sangak is a favorite; it’s a chewy, onion-y, delicious concoction double the size of a placemat.

Cafe Dahab is an Egyptian Cafe and hookah bar whose hummus is the real deal, according to some Yemeni and Lebanese filmmakers who frequented the place last year, Kris P Pata recalls.

Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine [Fairfax Village]
1076 S Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles

Newsroom Cafe [Fairfax Village]
120 N. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles 90048

Skaf’s Grill [East San Fernando Valley]
6008 Laurel Canyon Blvd., North Hollywood

Alcazar [West San Fernando Valley]
17239 Ventura Blvd., Encino

Hollywood Farmers’ Market [Hollywood]
1600 Ivar Ave., Los Angeles

Mom’s Products [North OC]
at farmers’ markets all over town
7441 Cerritos Ave., Stanton
714- 995-1705

Wholesome Choice [South OC]
18040 Culver Dr., Michelson, Irvine

Cafe Dahab [Sawtelle Strip]
1638 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles

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