Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"Full of thinly sliced pork belly, some crispy (well not really anymore) pork skin, and what seemed to be a mix of fermented and fresh fish. (Maybe the fresh parts were just less fermented tasting.) The broth was a bit fishy, a bit fermented tasting, but also relatively sweet. Definitely a unique flavor, and not at all off-putting. If you like fish sauce then you've had stronger fermented flavors. Noodles were thicker bun bo hue-style noodles, not thin vermicelli. Apparently you can ask for shrimp paste if things aren't pungent enough for you." – kairo on fermented fish soup at Bun Mam Soc Trang in Oakland

"The good thing about the Northern California branches of Little Sheep is that they have two new broths: pickled sour cabbage (with mung bean noodles) and pork rib with lotus root, both quite excellent and good alternatives to the MSG-laden original broth. San Mateo branch is very good overall, at least surpassed the service, ambiance, and ventilation in San Diego location." – K K

"The 'too good to be true' was a malted butterscotch milkshake with butterscotch syrup, egg, milk, malted cream, and molasses. To make this, the [soda] jerk grabbed two brown eggs from a bowl in front of us, and cracked them with one hand into a cocktail shaker. ... It was absolutely delicious and better than the ice cream-based shakes I've grown accustomed to. The amount of butterscotch, malty flavor, and cream was wonderfully balanced, and it was smooth, creamy, and not overly sweet." – hyperbowler on the Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley

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