Already cooked and picked from the shell, refrigerated lump crabmeat is a convenient luxury. While it’s often used to make crab cakes, you can turn it into a delicious salad, sandwich, or appetizer in only a few minutes.

The West Indies salad is, despite its name, a specialty of Mobile, Alabama. “This is the simplest recipe that you will ever see for crab meat and that is ALL you will taste,” MakingSense says. It “features the delicate taste of the crab meat and is a Southern favorite eaten with saltines and a Barq’s root beer,” bayoucook says. Resist the urge to fancy up this recipe with olive oil, wine vinegar, and herbs, counsels MakingSense, who serves it on a bed of lettuce with sliced tomato and avocado.

notyourmomma dresses crabmeat with lime juice, cumin, minced chives, and chopped cilantro, then stuffs it into avocado halves. ladyberd tosses it with lime juice and zest, cilantro, chopped celery, and olive oil. This “makes a great appetizer served on wonton chips or a fabulous light sandwich on a croissant with sliced avocado,” ladyberd says. “Best part—you taste the crab more than anything else!”

Jay F likes a variation on Pittsburgh’s Devonshire sandwich using crabmeat instead of turkey. And Terrie H. says these “excellent” crabmeat-Parmesan canapés are “great for parties.”

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