There’s a dish on Beijing Restaurant’s menu known as “fried with meat,” and it “may be my favorite current dish anywhere,” sku says. “It’s a Chinese wheat bun with sesame seeds filled with chunks of fried lamb,” sku explains. “The lamb is crisply fried on the outside and fall-apart tender inside. The best part is that the salty grease from the lamb soaks into the bun. It’s like lamb carnitas.”

The dish known as “pork with cooked pie” is similar, but it has a white bun and it’s filled with pork and cilantro. But the “fried with meat” has the edge, due to a memorable crispiness.

The lamb pot is also worth a try: a meat stir-fry spiked with a massive dose of cumin seeds, sku says.

Beijing Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
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