Where in LA can you get a quality dry-aged steak?

Chowhounds are unanimous in their praise for McCall’s, which sells a dry-aged steak that’s properly trimmed and astonishingly excellent. It’s “way beyond the quality of steaks you’ll find at any restaurant in town, with the possible exception of Cut,” condiment says. Its natural Certified Angus Beef grass-fed steaks are great, too.

When it comes to Lindy & Grundy dry-aged and grass-fed steaks, there’s some debate. Dommy loves the butcher’s sausage, lamb, and chicken but scoffs at its funky-looking dry-aged steak. And Sgee complains that the prices are ridiculous there: $39 a pound for untrimmed steaks, which adds up to much more once you remove the dried outer crust and bone. “There was quite a bit of dry-aged funk permeating the meat even after trimming,” Sgee says. “I’m no butcher but six weeks of dry aging is probably pushing the envelope for their dry aging method and type of meat.”

Burger Boy adds that “this whole Boutique Butcher thing is a little out of control.” However Sgee says that Lindy & Grundy is worth the splurge. “For steaks with no marbling they were surprisingly tender and generally tasty (what wonders dry aging does for meat),” Sgee says.

But revets2 says you have to realize what you’re paying for at Lindy & Grundy: Most of the other dry-agers in town are not selling grass-fed beef, which tends toward the chewy. In other words, pulling off a tender, grass-fed, and dry-aged steak is quite a feat.

McCall’s Meat & Fish Co. [Los Feliz]
2117 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles

Lindy & Grundy [Fairfax Village]
801 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles

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