PhilTheEsophagus got a smoker for Christmas and he knows how to use it. The only problem is he needs a hunk of meat to smoke, and he’s not sure where to shop in the East Bay/Tri-Valley area.

mzsnowhite appreciates the great service at Kelly’s Meats in Livermore, where it’s easy to order custom cuts.

slipson prefers Lunardi’s, a local chain, for its reasonable prices on turkey legs and whole briskets with intact fat caps (though rworange thinks the quality isn’t high enough for the prices that Lunardi’s charges).

On the cheaper but no less cheerful side of things, Costco gets the nod from two posters for both trimmed briskets and pork butts.

Kelly’s Meats of Livermore [East Bay]
74 S. L Street, Livermore

Multiple locations

Multiple locations

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