One of the Kind, a new Chinese food stall, opened this week in the food court at Hong Kong Supermarket in Allston, and initial reports are promising.

y2000k was excited to see “lamb on a stick” on the specials board for $1.50 each, and gave them a try. Known as yang rou chuanr in Mandarin, they’re popular street food in China—small pieces of lamb meat are skewered, covered in a coating of chile and cumin, and grilled. At One of the Kind, y2000k reports that each stick consists of six small pieces of lamb, and comes in spicy or non-spicy. “I asked for spicy and even though I can tolerate decent amount of heat, my lips were burning when I left,” y2000k says.

Jenny Ondioline tried the mapo tofu, and describes it as “texturally perfect,” despite the heavy use of Sichuan peppercorn. “It threw the seasoning out of whack because they overpowered the chiles and pork and other flavorings,” Jenny Ondioline says, noting that despite the complaint, the dish was still “entirely tasty.”

One of the Kind [Allston]
1095 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
No phone available

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One of the Kind – Super 88 Allston

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