Finally, finally, FINALLY! After a few years being shunted to the Style Network for some unfathomable reason, sexy Brit cheftress Nigella “Food Orgasm” Lawson is coming on, erm, to the Food Network.

The stunningly beautiful and realistically curvaceous brunette has long been a popular food icon both in the United Kingdom and in the United States (I think she takes in even more territory than that) with four cookbooks and three cooking shows under her belt. At long last the Food Network has managed to strike a deal (or come to their sluggish senses) and will be carrying the new show, Nigella Feasts, in the fall. Described by The Palm Beach Post as a “[h]ottie food expert” who makes “cuisine that will blow away our taste buds,” Nigella’s displaying her media savvy as well by releasing her newest cookbook at the same time her show premieres. This could mean only one thing: Hold on to your pesto, Giada—there’s a new fooductress in town.

Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks there could be a cleavage challenge between Nigella and Giada, the current reigning food porn queen on the Food Network. The blog Food TV and Me, comments, “She also looks like she actually eats what she cooks. With Giada, I sometimes feel that the only bites of the food she actually eats are the ones that we see on camera.” Blog Food Network Addict adds that there’s been some “chitter chatter on these blogs about her competing with [Giada De Laurentiis]. Is this going to be a competition for best cook, best show, or best cleavage?”

I think a lot of people will be tuning in specifically to settle that décolletage debate and hoping for a banana deep throat-off.

Nigella Feasts premieres on the Food Network on October 1st.

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