After a recent visit to Yuet Lee in San Francisco’s Chinatown, FattyDumplin sings the praises of two dishes served there: the roasted squab and local Dungeness crab.

FattyDumplin says the squab was cooked perfectly, with crisp skin and succulent medium-rare meat. hyperbowler also ordered a squab at Yuet Lee and agreed that the dish is excellent.

And then there was the fresh Dungeness crab. “Wow,” FattyDumplin says, “I had no idea what I was missing.” Because it was locally sourced and in season, the flesh was sweet, tender, and fresh—so much so that the ginger-scallion sauce felt entirely unnecessary to FattyDumplin, who swears that a steamed crab with sauce on the side is the way to go to ensure that the sauce doesn’t overpower the delicious natural flavor of the seafood. At $29 per crab, this probably isn’t the cheapest option in Chinatown, but given the size and quality, it was a good deal nonetheless.

Yuet Lee Seafood [Chinatown]
1300 Stockton Street, San Francisco

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