Pho bac—Vietnamese soup accompanied by pounded filet mignon and fresh, wide rice noodles—is the specialty of the house at Pho Filet. Hound Melanie Wong loved the “charred green onions and the idiosyncratic hit of fresh ginger that grew in intensity from steeping in the soup becoming quite powerful at the bottom of the bowl.” Though Melanie found the pho stock to be a bit heavy on the cinnamon and a bit sweeter than optimal, she says it’s still a fine broth.

Melanie says the restaurant also serves a lovely banh xeo, a Vietnamese crêpe that’s generously stuffed with pork, grilled shrimp, soft sweet onions, and bean sprouts. It’s “served with a pile of fresh herbs that dwarfed our two-year-old, and the variety of greenery beats what we have at home that time of year,” she says.

Pho Filet [San Gabriel Valley]
9463 Garvey Avenue, Suite A, South El Monte

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