About a year ago, Van Nuys’s Super Pollo changed management and then was renovated and reborn as Takatis. And its Peruvian roast chicken is still excellent, Dylan says, which precious few Chowhounds have acknowledged. Melanie Wong says that this is quite a shame—after a recent visit, she says that the place still serves up delicious Peruvian-style fowl.

The bird is brined, coated in a tasty rub, and slow-cooked in an oven that takes up half the dining room. The result, Dylan reports, is an extremely moist, flavorful chicken. There’s superfresh, Kennebec potato french fries, and the standard assortment of Peruvian sides. Even taken to go, you’ll get a wonderfully succulent, juicy, excellent pollo, Melanie Wong says, “with perfect salting, haunting wood smoke notes, and gentle seasoning.” But for the maximum in crispy wood-fired chicken skin, it’s best eaten in-house.

Takatis [San Fernando Valley – East]
6470 Van Nuys Boulevard,
Van Nuys


Discuss: Super Pollo Van Nuys is reborn as Takatis Pollos a la Brasa…and well worth a visit

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