Duro con cueritos is a great snack. It starts with a large square of duro (flour dough fried chicharron-style, to resemble fried pork skin) and gets piled with shredded cabbage, salsa fresca, curly pickled pig skin from a jar, and a squeeze of mystery sauce. rworange says it tastes like calamari and makes a nice snack–along the lines of a taco salad. It’s a study in different levels of chewiness–crisp-chewy lard-fried duro, and slightly-more-chewy-than-calamari chewy pig skin, with cabbage for, like, palate cleansing. The whole thing is $3.50.

La Loma #11 itself makes some fine tortillas and carries some exciting items, like dried fruits and nuts rolled in chili powder and plastic deli pints of pickled carrots, onions, and jalepenos. Excellent cheese selection, too.

Vendor outside of La Loma #11
1313 Road 20, San Pablo 94806

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San Pablo–Duro con cueritos hombre (pickled pig skin guy)–tastes like calamari

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