To-Die-For Rye in the East Bay?

Deli items are high on the list of foods that relocated East Coasters get nostalgic about when living in the Bay Area. In that vein, 10foot5 wants to know if a decent loaf of rye bread can be bought anywhere in the East Bay.

A few suggestions arrived immediately, but none of them inspired enthusiastic endorsements. Berkeley Bowl seems like the most obvious place for a rye-lover to shop. Various hounds reported seeing rye on offer from Anna's Daughters, Esther's German Bakery, and local bakery Bread Workshop.

Berkeley bread-maker Acme sells several types of rye according to the website (though the corn-rye recommended in the thread below appears to be off the list). 10foot5 also mentions that La Farine sells a light rye.

Berkeley Bowl [East Bay]
2020 Oregon Street, Berkeley

Bread Workshop [East Bay]
1398 University Avenue, Berkeley

Acme Bread [East Bay]
1601 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

La Farine [East Bay]
1820 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

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