Deli items are high on the list of foods that relocated East Coasters get nostalgic about when living in the Bay Area. In that vein, 10foot5 wants to know if a decent loaf of rye bread can be bought anywhere in the East Bay.

A few suggestions arrived immediately, but none of them inspired enthusiastic endorsements. Berkeley Bowl seems like the most obvious place for a rye-lover to shop. Various hounds reported seeing rye on offer from Anna’s Daughters, Esther’s German Bakery, and local bakery Bread Workshop.

Berkeley bread-maker Acme sells several types of rye according to the website (though the corn-rye recommended in the thread below appears to be off the list). 10foot5 also mentions that La Farine sells a light rye.

Berkeley Bowl [East Bay]
2020 Oregon Street, Berkeley

Bread Workshop [East Bay]
1398 University Avenue, Berkeley

Acme Bread [East Bay]
1601 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

La Farine [East Bay]
1820 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

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