Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"El Ojo de Agua [taco truck] is in the southwest corner of Derby and International. The building there is painted with an El Ojo de Agua logo and the truck in the parking lot still has the old address [near the Oakland-San Leandro border] and [serves] the great tacos and horchatas. It looks like El Ojo de Agua has found a permanent home a couple of blocks from their old place. Not quite as convenient as the original but not far away." – skwid on the new location of the beloved Oakland taco truck

"That list doesn't mention Los Gemelos in [Redwood City]. We were in the neighborhood and stopped in recently. Handmade thin tortillas, all your Mexican basics for tacos (no al pastor or chicken). I ordered the chicken taquitos (tacos dorados de pollo) that might have been the best ever because it came topped with a salad of dressed vegetables. Tacos were $1 each. The taquitos dish was more of an entree and was less than $7." – scarmoza on an addition to a list of the best taquerias in Redwood City

"A couple friends and I went to Rue du Thé (same owners as Leland Tea in SF) in downtown Burlingame for tea, sandwiches, cookies and chocolate. Their hot chocolate menu had over half a dozen flavors, and I selected the 'dark chocolate' one. It was delicious: thickish and creamy. Oddly, it was served in a paper cup even though we were eating and drinking there, especially since my companions' teas were served in ceramic cups." – sairuh

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