Do you eat what some consider to be the most unspeakable and politically incorrect part of an animal—the fat?

“Most definitely, as long as it’s crispy and delicious,” says Transplant_DK. “And I’m in the camp that doesn’t believe it’s unhealthy to eat animal fat, so I do it without guilt.”

hotoynoodle agrees that animal fat is highly edible and worth defending. “[I] sometimes will cook chicken thighs when [I] have [a] hankering for just the crispy skin,” says hotoynoodle. “[I] eat butter and olive oil everyday. [W]ill happily dip my steak fat in Béarnaise and prefer fattier, richer cuts of meat like ribs, shoulder and butt. [T]hey are also cheaper since everybody wants the lean, flavorless loin cuts. [O]h, and my health markers are all excellent and [I] can rock skinny jeans … we evolved eating animals and animal fat.”

linguafood says that fat is what makes meat flavorful. “The best cuts of steak are usually generously marbled with fat,” says linguafood, who eats the fatty parts of steaks and roasts as well as bacon, pork belly, and duck fat (which can be found underneath the crispy skin).

“I am a bone sucker,” admits Jerseygirl111. “I buy pork rib chops because of the fat along the bone. It’s just so darn tasty.”

And Karl S takes things even one step further: “The meat is the condiment for the fat,” he says.

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