When a restaurant first opens, it takes awhile for it to work out the kinks in the food and the service. So how long should you wait to try a new restaurant?

As a rule of thumb, Bob Martinez lets a month go by before trying a newly opened place. “Yes, some places get their act together earlier but others require more time,” he says. “What really tickles me are the people who go to a restaurant on opening night and report that the kitchen was uneven and there were service issues.”

bobbert is less optimistic and waits longer. “No way the staff will be up to speed for several months,” says bobbert. “The kitchen will have to evolve as well as they figure out that one station, for example, is getting crushed while someone else is twiddling their thumbs. Adjustments will need to be made and those often take time.”

babette feasts takes the middle road: “I’d say somewhere between 6 weeks and 3 months. I know that when I start a job in a new kitchen, it takes about three weeks before I really know where everything is and what the systems are (like where the strainers hide and how many boxes of risotto we need to keep on hand and if the dough hook isn’t in the usual place where the next place to look is).”

porker doesn’t think it’s fair to judge a place before it’s been in business for six months. “It may sound long and I’m not saying I wouldn’t try the place before this, but I feel the opening buzz will have settled and give the place time to work out the kinks,” porker says.

What about places that don’t last six months? “Closing before this speaks volumes,” porker says.

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