Overheard on the New York Boards

"You can get them on a hot dog, but they're equally good on cheese fries or even a burger (kind of In-N-Out animal-style-ish). Keep in mind that if you order them with fries they'll come on the side in a cup, which is fine, but I wanted more." – Spoony Bard on the new Frisky Onions (cooked in slightly spicy tomato sauce) at Shake Shack's Brooklyn outpost, which opened December 20; they're available at all locations on hot dogs and as an off-menu add-on to cheese fries (ask for Frisky Fries)

"The soups are a pretty good deal at $5-$6 for a 16-oz. size. Veg chili is decent, and if you like avocado you must try their avocado wrap. It has fresh spinach, tomato, and jack cheese in a light mustard vinaigrette. Super simple. I never ordered a premade wrap before, but I'm hooked on these. And they are only $5.00. There must be at least one whole avocado in the thing." – michele cindy on Soup Kiosk

"[A] thing of beauty: vanilla soft serve, topped with crunchy pretzels and sea salt, dipped in chocolate. Thick creamy ice cream. Salty and crunchy pretzels. All covered in chocolate. So good!" – kathryn on the American Globs, a specialty cone at Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

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