You can roast a whole bone-in, skin-on turkey breast and get wonderfully moist meat–moister than you’d likely get if roasting a whole bird.

Most chowhounds advocate brining or using a kosher bird (the koshering process has a similar effect to brining). PBSF uses 1 1/2 cups each kosher salt and granulated sugar and water to cover the breast, and brines, refrigerated, for 5 to 6 hours. Rinse and dry well with paper towels before roasting. nja says that, if you can spare the time, it’s best to let the breast thoroughly air-dry in the fridge after it’s brined. Brush the skin with butter or oil and roast on a rack at 375 to 400 degrees until an instant read thermometer registers 155 to 160 degrees. Let it rest before carving, and it will be perfectly tender and juicy.

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Roasting a turkey breast without drying it out?

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