Knees-to-nose airplane seats are insult enough to those of us with long legs, but for sfcitygal‘s main squeeze, a comfortable booth is a dining necessity. After many requests from her guy, she’s finally doing research to find the best restaurants in the city with booth seating, and has sought suggestions from San Francisco hounds.

It’s not an easy task because most of the restaurants in the city have table-and-chair arrangements. “I think booths are rare in SF because they take up too much of the expensive real estate. Specify the booth requirement when reserving,” Robert Lauriston advises.

Many suggestions range from San Francisco classics to expense-account experiences. Ruth Lafler suggests the Ritz-Carlton’s new Parallel 37 and Prospect. Rapini points to Bix, while white-tablecloth meat palace House of Prime Rib gets a vote from artemis.

For the long-legged but budget-conscious diners among us, check out this 2010 thread. Hounds suggested Korean stalwart Dang Sung Sa in Oakland and Far East Café in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Parallel 37 [Nob Hill]
600 Stockton Street, San Francisco

Prospect [South of Market]
300 Spear Street, San Francisco

Bix [Jackson Square]
56 Gold Street, San Francisco

House of Prime Rib [Nob Hill]
1906 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

Dang Sung Sa [East Bay]
2775 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

Far East Café [Chinatown]
631 Grant Avenue, San Francisco

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