Coq au vin—the classic French dish where chicken is simmered with bacon, mushrooms, and red wine—is popular with many Boston hounds. But where is the best version in the city?

Many agree that Brasserie Jo should be on any coq au vin short-list. “If I’m not getting the steak frites there, I’m usually getting the coq au vin,” says Jenny Ondioline.

opinionatedchef has enjoyed Aquitaine’s version—even though the dish is not on the current dinner menu, it has made frequent appearances as a special.

ebbiepoo recently tried the coq au vin at Petit Robert Bistro in the South End, and it hit the spot. “I loved the butter noodles they used,” she says. Despite the rave review about the Columbus Avenue location, many hounds are wary of the service and food at Petit Robert in Kenmore Square. But as BostonZest notes, each branch of the restaurant is slightly different, so it isn’t advisable to write off all the locations due to a bad experience at one.

Brasserie Jo [Back Bay]
120 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Aquitaine [South End]
569 Tremont Street, Boston

Petit Robert Bistro Columbus [South End]
480 Columbus Avenue, Boston

Petit Robert Bistro [Kenmore Square]
468 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

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