dfan reported this week that Brick & Mortar, the new bar in Central Square that replaced the Enormous Room, is open for business. The cocktail list is small (though the skilled bartenders are happy to make other drinks, too), and the food menu is promising.

“Overall, the menu is definitely for serious drinkers,” says DoubleMan. “There are only a couple of cocktails with citrus on the entire list, everything else is liquor with some sort of bitter. I prefer that style, but many people will not.” dfan thought the Teardrop (gin and absinthe with Cardamaro and Averna) and the Bullet for Fredo (aged grappa, vermouth, and Campari) were both excellent. DoubleMan warns that unlike most cocktails, the Bullet for Fredo is undiluted (“no stirring, shaking, rocks, etc.—just pure booze”).

Meanwhile, rlh was impressed with the food, especially the spicy fried Brussels sprouts: “a big serving of Indian-influenced crispy nuggets,” rlh says. mrsx enjoyed the warm raclette appetizer, even though the accompanying pickled onions and cornichons didn’t pair very nicely with her cocktail.

Hounds also had plenty to say about the décor (“spartan chic,” says mrsx), the bar itself (it’s covered in copper), and the music (vinyl-based).

Brick & Mortar [Central Square]
569 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
No phone available

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