Overheard on the Los Angeles Board

"I just have to say that BEER BELLY in [Koreatown] has amazing 'Death by Duck' fries, which are fried in duck fat served w/ duck confit on top." – Deidre7

"[W]hoever put the menu together at Cha & Cafe has a very fertile mind. Chinese quesadillas, described to me as a combination of Chinese sausage, sun dried tomatoes, and who knows what else. Cheesesteak potstickers. Chorizo wontons. Tofu sliders." – Chandavkl

"Patty melt came without grilled onions. They forgot. Cheese was like a cheez whiz sauce. Turkey burger cooked perfectly, but bland. Probably grass fed too. Same with the lamb. All the buns were barely warm to cold. Sorry, not at these prices. ... Fries like eating little nails. Best part was the macaroni salad. Absolutely fabulous. Service was great." – PaulMassey on a mixed-bag experience at Short Order

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