Bronx hounds go to El Nuevo Bohío for the roast pork, and it doesn’t disappoint. “It was juicy with a wonderfully crunchy skin,” driggs says. He’d hoped for more garlic flavor in the meat, but you can compensate as needed with a shot of the potent house garlic sauce. Sides—rice, beans, plantains—are hit or miss. But at this Puerto Rican neighborhood landmark, it’s all about the lechón.

driggs dislikes the vibe, louder and more hectic than that of the low-key local haunts he digs. But he much prefers this pork palace on East Tremont to the quieter restaurant of the same name on Webster Avenue. Last time he was there, he says, “the food was awful. Don’t go.”

El Nuevo Bohío [Bronx]
791 E. Tremont Avenue (at Mapes Avenue), Bronx

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