In a little-explored corner of Flushing, Chowhounds have sniffed out Ming Xing, a smoky Korean-Chinese grill. Like Sol Hyang Lee, a hound-endorsed barbecue house a few blocks away, Ming Xing specializes in skewered meats cooked over charcoal. But the best thing birdsandtogs had there was deep-fried quail tossed with dried chile, Sichuan pepper, and “something a little sticky and sweet” that nicely balanced the other seasonings.

Not that the grilled meats disappointed: Skewered lamb was tasty and had just the right amount of fat, and it was even better when dipped in the chile-cumin spice blend served on the side. Chicken wings, precooked in the kitchen and finished on the tabletop grill, were another winner. For a welcome change of pace, try suancai tang (soup with pork belly, pickled cabbage, and mung bean noodles), which had a tartness that cut through the richness of the meats. Overall, Ming Xing’s food measured up well against Sol Hyang Lee’s and was notably less salty. “I didn’t feel like I had to drink a gallon of water afterward,” birdsandtogs says. The beer selection is limited; Bud is the only draft option, but it’s a deal at just $10 a pitcher. Décor is Spartan: “Not a place to go to for ambience,” birdsandtogs says. “But if you want to get loud with plenty of beer, this is definitely a good place.”

Ming Xing is part of a cluster of eateries and karaoke joints across Northern Boulevard from the busier center of downtown Flushing. Among them are the seldom-mentioned Spicy King for Hunan Chinese, Sundal for Korean, and Debasaki for stuffed chicken wings and other Korean pub grub. Further exploration seems to be in order.

Ming Xing [Flushing]
35-14 Farrington Street (between Northern Boulevard and 35th Avenue), Flushing, Queens

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